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DRWA's Newsletter, published 2 or 3 times a year

Fall 2012
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Page 1: What's the Deal With The Summer Drought?
Page 2: DRWA Annual Meeting Announcement, Riverfest Report, Green River Cleanup, & Call for River Volunteers Ridge Hike
Page 4: North River Cleanup Results

Spring 2012
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Fall 2011

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Spring 2011
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Fall 2008
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  • DRWA Annual Meeting
  • Cold and Chickley Rivers Targeted for 2008 Macroinvertebrate Assessment
  • South River Bridge Project Progresses
  • Landowners close some links of Mahican Mohawk Trail
  • A Chance to Explore Colrain's Archeology and Geography
  • This Fall's Green River Cleanup
  • Good Weather and Good Vibes Made RiverFest a Great Success
  • A Close Look at Vernal Pools
  • New Web-Based Information Can Help Woodland Owners in the Deerfield River Watershed

Spring 2008
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  • A Bridge So Near
  • Volunteers Needed for 2008 Water Quality Studies
  • Graduate Student Will Examine Land Use Effect on River Health
  • Don't Miss RiverFest at Shelburne Falls!
  • A rough Winter Means Tough Trail Repairs
  • RiverFest Hikes on the M-M Trail
  • Hike and Bike Schedule for Spring 2008

Fall 2007
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  • Charlemont to Enforce Parking and Alcohol Rules along Deerfield River
  • Annual Meeting - Tues Oct 16
  • DRWA Water Monitors Chase Down Bacteria Sources
  • Mahican-Mohawk Trail Looks for New Links
  • DRWA Awarded Grant to Monitor Vernal Pools
  • DRWA Fall Hike Schedule
  • River Recreation Safety Tips
  • Green River Cleanup

Spring 2007
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  • CRWC and DRWA Plan New Test Lab
  • Organization News
  • Special Meeting to Revise By-Laws
  • Flood of 1938 - Shelburne Falls, MA
  • DRWA's Water Quality Monitoring Activities Expanded in 2006/2007
  • Students to Check Road Salt Contamination in the Clesson Brook
  • DRWA Hikes and Bikes
  • Mahican-Mohawk Trail Report
  • RiverFest Scheduled for June 9
  • Change in DRWA Address
  • Green River Chapter Notes

Fall 2006
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  • RiverFest a Great Success
  • DRWA Gets a Close Look at Hydroelectric Operations
  • Board News: Changes on the Board
  • Green River Chapter News
  • Colrain Programs Highlight Vernal Pools, Farms, and Forests
  • North Parish School Puts Mini-Grant to Work
  • Student Conservation Corps Helped Clear the M-M Trail
  • Fall Hike and Bike Schedule
  • 2006 Macroinvertebrate Assessment of the South River Watershed

Spring 2006
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  • Highlights of DRWA's 2005 Water Quality Monitoring
  • Mahican-Mohawk Trail & South River Bridge
  • Green River Chapter Meeting
  • Knotweed Survey Results
  • Hike and Bike Schedule and Other Trips
  • Mini-Grant Applications Still Open
  • April Program: The Deerfield River Watershed as Seen by an Aquatic Ecologist
  • Japanese Knotwee Control Workshop

Summer 2005
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  • Green River Watershed Joins DRWA as Chapter
  • Water Quality Volunteers Check E. coli in Three Tributaries
  • DRWA Hikes for August and September
  • Join a Stream Team! Shoreline Surveys Will Help Record Tributary Conditions
  • Macroinvertebrate Sampling Plan to Begin This Fall on Green River
  • Hikes Check Spring Birds and Dragonflies
  • DRWA Gets Knotweed Grant from Massachusetts Environmental Trust
  • Save October 1: Source to the Sea Cleanup!

Spring 2005
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  • Canadian Companies Buy Deerfield Power Operations
  • Area Students Report Projects at DRWA Annual Meeting
  • Vernal Pools
  • President's Message
  • Mahican-Mohawk Trail Plans
  • New Water Qualtiy Monitoring Program
  • Mini Grants for Schools
  • Hike and Bike Calendar

Fall 2004
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  • Mahican Mohawk Trail is in good shape, but new bridge is still far
  • DRWA Annual Meeting October 18, 2004
  • 2004 water testing results
  • Call for volunteers
  • Knotweed eradication
  • Nature hike project

Spring 2004
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  • Annual DRWA Forum
  • Spring is the time to hit Mahican Mohawk Trail
  • Coverts Project
  • 2004 water monitoring
  • Curious naturalists
  • Insert: Watershed action meeting
Summer 2003
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  • Flow rates and fish passage remain unresolved issues
  • Mt Snow hopes for snow from Deerfield's water
  • Knotweed survey
  • Water quality
  • DRWA wins two grants
Winter/Spring 2003
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  • State abolishes Mass. Watershed Initiative
  • Bear River Crossings Study
  • Call for Volunteer Monitors
  • Japanese knotweed survey is on
  • Watershed gardens open in April
  • Hikes and Bikes
Winter 2002
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  • Support the Environmental Bill!
  • Call for water quality monitors
  • DRWA reminds PG&E to deliver flow data
  • A deep view of the river, by Catherine Reid
  • Try a woodland garden, by Polly French
  • Landfill assessment study begins
  • Planning in the watershed: Open space
  • Winter Hike in the McLeod Pond in the Catamounts
  • Hike and Bike your watershed schedule for Spring 2002
Fall 2002
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  • Two river access points improved by Con Edison
  • Deerfield river watershed open space forum
  • DRWA reminds PG&E to deliver flow data
  • 2002 monitoring results
Spring 2002
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  • Reminding PG&E
  • Biodiversity trip catches shad spawning by moonlight
  • Water test results
  • Hike and bike schedule
  • New flow phone system
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